6 things not to do when the newborn baby is resting

6 things not to do when the newborn baby is resting

In the first few months of life it is normal that the newborn baby cannot sleep for many consecutive hours and that when it wakes up it starts crying because it wants its mother. When the newborn baby finally falls asleep, however, it is important to respect his or her rest and also to respect precise rules. See which ones:

1. Don't cover the baby too much

Normally infants don't like to be over-covered while they're resting. Unlike us adults, they feel warmer. In fact, putting too many blankets on makes the newborn baby take them off and this could cause colds and season sickness.

2. Don't move him from where he's taking his nap.

When the baby falls asleep, it's good to never move it. This is because many babies sleep lightly and even the slightest movement can wake them up. Better, then, let them sleep in the place where they fell asleep.

3. Don't wake him up for the meal

If the baby has to eat, but he's still sleeping, it's best not to wake him. He'll wake up alone when he gets hungry.

4. Don't take the pacifier off

If the newborn baby falls asleep with the pacifier in its mouth, it is because this way it is more serene, so mum and dad don't have to take it off when the baby falls asleep. Otherwise, the child might miss it and wake up very nervous.

5. If he sleeps with a puppet, don't take it off.

If the newborn falls asleep hugging his puppet, you absolutely must not take it off. The baby might actually wake up.

6. Don't let friends and family wake him up.

It can happen that at the very moment the newborn baby is asleep, a friend or relative comes to visit. Often those who come to visit the newborn baby would like to wake him up so they can pick him up and play with him. But be careful. It's absolutely not good for the baby. In fact, waking him up just to please others can be a source of great nervousness and discontent. So, never wake him up! His sleep and tranquility are more important than anything else.

Lucia Franco

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