The 6 tricks to calm down your baby's crying

The 6 tricks to calm down your baby's crying

Being a mother you know is wonderful, but it is also one of the most difficult tasks there are in the world. She is able to give roots and wings at the same time. And, if it is true that there is no such thing as the perfect mother, every mother will look for the best way to be the perfect mother for her child.

Why, then, does the child sometimes cry?

To try to understand the parents' motives for crying is to put oneself in the place of the child and understand his or her needs. According to Karp, the crying of the baby (50% of babies cry for at least 90 minutes a day and 15% for more than three hours) causes sleep deprivation, exposure to loud noises, fatigue and finally anxiety.

There are essentially eight main reasons for crying:

  • is hungry;
  • the diaper is dirty;
  • has a colic;
  • is tired;
  • is ill;
  • has hot or cold;
  • A tooth is cutting its gum;
  • feels lonely.

Moreover, from birth the child quickly understands that his crying attracts the attention of his parents, who come to meet any of his needs. This way of doing things is necessary for his own survival, in a sense.

Here then are the 5 tricks to calm his crying

1.Wrap it in a cover and keep it close to you

Wrap the baby in a cover. This is a trick that can help calm him down as long as the crying is not due to frame, thirst or dirty diaper. In addition, infants often suffer from digestive problems during the first months of their life. Don't hesitate to keep the little one close to you and make him do some sleep in his arms. Remember that if the baby is turned on his side or on his belly, it is much easier to reassure him (but he should not sleep in this position to avoid the risk of suffocation).

2.Cull it using a band

A good trick is to use a band or pouch. The baby lulled by your step will make a nice nap. In addition, babies like to be lulled in their arms, but to avoid this favouring the onset of colic, the movement must be fast and the space short (the oscillation must be about 3 cm).

3.Use the dummy

Infants like to suck, so much so that during breastfeeding they are calm not only because they eat, but also because of the act itself. To make them fall asleep, therefore, it is often enough to breastfeed them, or use a pacifier.

4.Daddy also can be a good solution for the baby

Always ask your partner or husband to help reassure your child. When you are too tired, it is difficult to be calm and reassuring; your baby will feel your stress and get even more excited.

5. Find a good rite. It will appease him

Try to find an effective method to calm the baby down and then put it into practice whenever he can't stop crying.

Avoid any noise that may annoy you

Check your baby's cot and remove anything that might wake him up, such as the music box. Moreover, when the baby is in the uterus, it is not wrapped in silence but in a particular noise (similar to the hissing noise used to silence him, "sshhh!") of an intensity equal to that of a working vacuum cleaner. And hearing noises similar to those you heard in your mother's womb helps your newborn baby sleep. The advice is therefore to use, for the first year of life, white noise to calm it. Download the app that plays it to your smartphone or search for it on the Internet.

Lucia Franco

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