Newborn uniforms

The newborn outfists and the baby footies too help to make more rich newborn's clothing.

Why to chose a baby outfit?

A newborn outfit,sometimes called outfit for hospital, replaces often the classic baby footie. When a newborn wears an outfit his mother can create a new style of clothing every day, because so she can change the cover range and the legging that get dirty easily. The great varieties of collections helps this activity. Don't forget to choose the Made in Italy, synonym of guaranteed products.

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Baby footies Outfits Rompers Underwear Layettes

Size in months
00 M 0 M 0-1 M 0-3 M 1-3 M 3-6 M 6-9 M 9-12 M 12-18M One size


Chenille Cotton Warm cotton Silk Wool Other

Autumn/winter Spring/summer

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