When to remove the diaper?

When to remove the diaper?

Taking off the diaper is a very delicate moment, as it marks a fundamental step in the life of a child: that of releasing oneself from the world of children to move on to a life as "great".

Removing the diaper is a labor.

The phase of weaning from the diaper is therefore for the puppy a continuous swing between anxieties and joys, in which the attitude of mom and dad plays an important role. The latter, in fact, must positively support the child so as not to traumatize him and make him live this passage as something absolutely natural.

Questions such as

But at what age should we start taking off the diaper? How do we know if the child is ready or not? What attitude should be taken?

Let's start by saying that there is no specific age when the child is really ready. In most cases it takes place between 18 and 24 months, when the child has the ability to control the stimulus of his needs, but nevertheless it is important to know that some are not ready until the age of 4 years and that this should not scare at all. In fact, a child is really ready when he starts to see it as a real achievement. This happens when he slowly begins to behave as an adult, observing and imitating the behaviour of adults.

Another very important sign that makes us understand if the child is ready or not is when he warns in advance the urge to go to the bathroom and communicates it in time to the mother or father, or has "dry periods" of 3-4 hours, a sign that manages to keep contracts sphincters.

So how do you get the diaper off?

It is an operation that must be done gradually. Start buying a potty, preferably chosen with him. After that, you start creating a routine. For example, accompany him to the potty after meals or at regular intervals and make him sit without diaper. In case he should come down on himself because he didn't manage to sit in time, it's essential not to yell at him but to reassure him with "the next one that escapes you tell your mother and we'll go running to the bathroom".

It is also very important to be able to praise him at his first success. Consider that this phase is nothing more than a small experience for you and the child where the stress and fears must remain in "stand-by".

Lucia Franco

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