How to Teach Your Baby Your First Steps

How to Teach Your Baby Your First Steps

Autonomy is almost certainly the first great achievement of a baby. But like all great achievements to achieve it, two elements are fundamental: a lot of patience and determination.

Initially, our little one starts to move on all fours and then he tries to stand up with our help and, finally, he crosses the big goal: the one of to walk alone.

Of course, expect a lot of falls and a bit of crying, but remember that he will always get up and try again and again thanks to our support.

So how to start?

Our puppy usually starts crawling between 7 and 12 months.

In this age the child must be absolutely free to move as he wants, ensuring however that there are no obstacles or dangers of any kind in his path. After a period of "crawling" we can see that the child is ready to stand with our help and then walk alone. Alone because it must conquer in perfect autonomy the upright position without anyone helping him, because only then can he say he's really ready to get up and wander around the house. Obviously all this with the help of the furniture and various supports as safe supports to him. We will see that within 20 months the child will have learned to walk perfectly, even better than us.

The role of parents

The child learns to walk in a completely natural way, but still needs our support to be stimulated and encouraged, always with a festive and reassuring attitude and never (I never say) worried or overprotective.

Every step he takes must be seen as a small victory and praised for it. If he falls, you don't have to force him to get up, but you have to wait for his time.

One way for the child to be stimulated to walk alone is to place his or her favourite toy in a place where he or she is forced to stand up to reach it. Or, a good idea to get him to walk is to stand on the other side of the room and encourage him to be reached, applauding him and pampering him in case of victory.

At this point, when it seems that our puppy has achieved good coordination in the movement of his legs, we continue to encourage him to walk alone. Only in this way will he gain self-confidence and walk peacefully.

Lucia Franco

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