How to get rid of diapers?

How to get rid of diapers?

Children should not be forced to use the potty, but should be guided to understand how their bodies work and what signals they send through their pee and poop.

When children are 3 years old, they are expected to be able to go to the bathroom and clean themselves, without needing any assistance and therefore without needing a diaper. In truth, there are many, especially boys, who do not have full control of pee and poop over 36 months of age, a behavior that often sends both mom and dad into tilt. On the other hand, in recent years there has been a strange phenomenon: that of wanting to remove the diaper too quickly and sometimes with strong manners. The effects of such an abrupt and forced detachment from the diaper, however, can be traumatic: a child who gets dirty and is reproached lives his body functions with terror, develops anxiety and distrust in himself. Reactions that can be easily avoided only if you used a bit of sweetness.

Continence is not something automatic.

Sometimes mom and dad forget that learning to pee and poop yourself is not a matter of habit, commitment and good will. Children only learn to contain themselves after their first years of life. The process is long and therefore it is necessary to respect the time and development of the child. Those who try to remove the diaper before can only venture into a terrain dominated by fear and insecurity, the two enemies sworn to the serene growth of a child.

The "perfect" moment to use the potty

The average age to discover the potty is between 2 and 3 years, indicative times. Some people get there first, some get there later. What matters is the input that must come directly from the child and not from the parents. The latter only need to be able to grasp the signs of psycho-physical maturation that show that the child is ready for the potty. Most important signs of age.

How to understand and know his body

Children need to understand that pee and poop are part of life. It's more than normal. If the child is not yet ready to use the potty it is useless to persevere. What you can do is simply guide him to become aware of the stimulus from some signals that his body sends him, such as the feeling of push or belly pain.

Ideas to help him

It can be useful to always have a potty at hand to make sure that at the time of the stimulus is easy to reach it without resorting to desperate racing. However, clothing is also very important. At this stage, the child should, if possible, wear comfortable clothes, with elasticated waist so that they can be easily lifted and lowered. For example, nappies are of great help because they have the absorbent part, but they dress like a normal panties.

The potty and the night

The potty isn't forever. An independent child during the day still needs a diaper during the night for at least another 3 or 6 months. This is because when he is not well because of a flu, or simply because he is stressed, he will be able to go back and wet his bed or even make it on himself. These relapses should not be judged but welcomed with sweetness. In short, a lot of patience and respect for time is needed.

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