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The suit is a piece of clothing, consisting of a single piece, which covers and protects the entire body, so it is intended for actual clothing or protection, such as overalls.

For newborns the suit is a piece of clothing that wraps and protects the little ones, which manages to combine practicality and style for the taste, even the most sophisticated mothers! In the sense indicate comfortable clothing, such as adult suits!

But how did TUTA come about, so the ALL of them?

In 1919-20, within the Futurist movement, known Italian cultural movement of the XX century, Thayaht with his brother Ram ( Ruggero Alfredo Michahelles ) invented, the "TuTa" .

Ernesto Michahelles, known by the name of Thayaht (Florence, August 21, 1893 - Marina di Pietrasanta, April 29, 1959) was an extremely eclectic and innovative Italian artist, a forerunner of new sensibilities. With his artistic production he distinguishes himself for the lines and the synthetic shapes, that through a precise geometry express an exquisite elegance.

Futurism, explored every form of expression, from painting to music, to involve fashion, and in this context three founding principles: genius, extravagance and economy, used in the production of clothing in contrast to the world of academism.

And it was in this environment that the suit was invented, as a comfortable and non-exclusive piece of clothing, which draws its origins from Italian avant-garde art.

It was built in 1919 in Florence by Thayaht, in collaboration with his brother, also an artist Ram, in an attempt to create a dress observing the Futurist principles and that, starting from the nomenclature, emphasized its versatility. A men's dress with an essential shape to wear every day; simple and economical (it could be made with 30 lire); in opposition to the codified, aristocratic and bourgeois fashion of the time; which was launched as a universal model by the Tuscan newspaper "La Nazione" in the early Twenties, also in its feminine version, and was proposed abroad with the intent of patenting it; to arrive at a production on an industrial scale.

The name TUTA in Thayaht's intention was valid for ALL, "A garment that dresses the whole person with use of all the fabric".

The original name "TuTa" is, in fact, an adaptation of the French tout-de-même, which means "all the same" and the letters that compose it reflect the structure, in which the T indicates the arms and the body, while the U indicates the sides and the horse and the spreading cut of the legs to "A".

At that time this garment was not very successful in everyday clothing, but the suit continued its career as a protective garment for the world of work, but there were countless reinterpretations in the world of women's fashion at different times.

So today every time we buy or wear a suit or dress our little ones with a comfortable wraparound UTIL we are not forgetting that we are using a garment that was born from a 'original artistic research all Italian, to fit every occasion, but above all to be comfortable and to allow complete freedom of movement to anyone who wears it!

Received and Published

Arch. Anna Civita Pieretti

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