Summer rompers for babies

Summer rompers for babies

The clown is a very versatile and practical garment for babies, as well as very comfortable. There are many different types and fantasies.

Why choose the clown and not the outfit?

Dressing a newborn baby with a clown is not only a very simple and fast operation, but it also makes it enchanting to our view. It is a sort of body a little wider and that is characterized by its different fantasies. Or even better, it can be considered as a simple all-in-one suit that has only one opening, usually on the bottom of the head (at the height of the horse) so that it can be opened and worn as a T-shirt.

How does the little clown come about?

The little clown was born as an item of clothing for girls, but is now also intended for boys. There are both winter and summer versions and it is very comfortable, for example, when changing diapers. The various models of clowns can be characterized by puffed sleeves, fake ties for boys and various fantasies, still others can include leggings for girls.

How old can you use your clown?

Usually this type of garment can be used from 3 months up to 24 months. It is extremely practical and comfortable for the smallest, but also for the largest! It's worn like a T-shirt and makes sure the baby can't get cold. In addition, the clown can be used both as a daily garment, but also as a garment to be used on special occasions (ceremonies, birthdays).

Online shopping

Choosing to buy clowns online is very simple. On our site Tutineneonato.it we have a wide assortment of clowns for newborns and clowns for newborns that offer excellent value for money and many different designs suitable for every event!

Lucia Franco

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