What is the skin like of a newborn baby?

What is the skin like of a newborn baby?

The epidermal tissue of the newborn has very peculiar characteristics that are often the source of anxiety and fear in neophytes. First of all, as soon as it was born, the skin of the newborn is largely covered by a membrane also called "caseous paint", a white and water-repellent substance that protected its skin from maceration when it was immersed in amniotic fluid. As birth approaches, this substance tends to detach from the skin of the baby and reabsorbed, so in children born after birth there will be few traces.

In children born after the term, who have therefore almost completely absorbed this protective membrane, the skin will be wrinkled, due to prolonged contact with the amniotic fluid.

The skin of the baby, especially if born prematurely, may also be partially covered by a thin and soft down which is called "lanugo". Gradually this hair will fall to be replaced by adult hair and hair.

The skin complexion is normally dark pink, particularly at the man. Furthermore, various parts of the body may have violaceous or dark red dots, popularly called also "stork bite" or "angel's kiss" or "mongolic dots". They are caused by a subcutaneous build-up of pigment and pass without any need for medical prescription. Even if the possibility is rather rare, there is the hypothesis that one or more stains have a non-transitory nature: they are the so-called "cravings", stains of various shape, colour and size (sometimes as hereditary as the gods can be), which generally undergo at most modifications, but are not autonomously reabsorbed.
A little less than half of the young, on the other hand, are born with small white dots on the face, commonly called "millet grains": these are small whitish furuncles that tend to accumulate on the face and pass by themselves, provided they are not scratched or squeezed.

Lucia Franco

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