How many risks are hidden in public changing rooms?

How many risks are hidden in public changing rooms?

Not all public places are equipped with changing tables, especially shops. At least in Italy it's a real utopia.
So how do you do it? Simple. You gotta get your head around it. An example? If you are at the restaurant the only thing to do is to put two chairs together and change your child under the eyes of everyone, patrons and diners. Also hoping not to break the baby's back.
Where changing tables do exist, however, remember that they can pose serious risks to your child. That's why it's very important to observe some of the main hygiene rules and check that everything is in place. Let's see which ones:

Never place your baby directly on the changing table, but always use a personal towel.
If you do not have a towel, remember to carefully wipe the changing table with a sanitising towel. The risks are not only bacteria or viruses, but also toxic substances that may be present on the surface. One case happened in the US. A mother who had to change her baby unfortunately found traces of heroin on the changing table.
Always check that the changing table is securely attached to the wall to prevent it from coming off while you change your baby.
Check that there are no screws or sharp parts inside the changing table so that you are safe during the changeover and your child cannot get hurt.
In addition, if there are also safety straps, always use them so that the child can not slip and fall in any way.

Lucia Franco

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