Closed nose? How and why to do the nasal washings to the newborn

Closed nose? How and why to do the nasal washings to the newborn

In the first months, the newborn breathes only through the nose, as well as for the first years can not blow the nose alone. If his nose gets clogged the newborn feels only discomfort and discomfort in breathing. This is why it is very important to do specific washing for our child, especially when he is affected and has difficulty breathing.

Nasal washes and their importance

Nasal washes help to remove mucus from the nose and relieve catarrh, but also to cleanse the mucous membrane of the nasal cavities of irritating substances, such as allergens, or germs and bacteria.

So how do you do nasal washes?

First, you need to decide what to do with your nasal washings. On sale, in fact, you can find single-dose vials with different solutions: physiological, thermal water, sterilized seawater ect. Or the same products also exist in even larger containers: in this case, the solution should be introduced using a syringe without needle (after each use this should be thoroughly washed and changed periodically).

The dosage

It is about 5/10 ml per nostril. In addition, nasal washings must always be carried out with solutions at room temperature.


The solution can also be made at home: 90% water and 10% salt. It is enough, in fact, to boil water (about half a liter) to sterilize and dissolve salt (about 5 gr). If a syringe is used, it must always be sterilized and changed periodically.

Nasal washing, that's how you do it.

The operation is very simple. Spread the baby over the changing table and gently tilt the head to one side. Be careful not to push it backwards, otherwise the solution will end up in its throat. Then gently introduce the tip of the vial or the needleless syringe into the nostril on the side furthest from the supporting surface and inject the solution flat, but firmly. You can, therefore, see the liquid coming out of the opposite nostril. Repeat the same operation on the other side.

When should I do the nasal washings?

When necessary. That is to say when the newborn shows an evident discomfort in breathing. They are also very useful before feeding and in the evening before going to bed, to promote sleep.

Lucia Franco

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