Airplane and newborns: the 6 golden rules

Airplane and newborns: the 6 golden rules

Flying with an infant is not a tragedy. Of course, every child has its limitations, weaknesses and habits, but I think it is more or less feasible for everyone. The only thing to be aware of is giving it something to suck at the moment of takeoff and landing.

The first weeks

Even newborns can fly, right from the first weeks of life. The pressurization involves a reduction of the atmospheric pressure inside the cabin until it regulates to what there would be at an altitude of about 2000 meters. But it is a variation to which the body of a healthy newborn can adapt without difficulty and without risk.

1.Cot by plane (baby cot)

Generally, infants are in the arms of their mothers for the duration of the flight: during takeoff and landing it is the mother who fastens the belts, holding the child in her arms. If the journey is quite long, simply ask the airlines what solutions they can offer. For example, with some companies you can apply for a cot (baby cot, a cot for babies up to 6 months) when booking tickets, also because there is a maximum number of cots on board and if there are too many babies, some stay out. In addition, there is a maximum weight of the baby for which you can request the cot. While up to 2 years old there is the infant seat, a seat to be fixed to the seat.
In addition, some airlines allow you to bring your own car seat if it meets certain requirements. Remember, however, that if your child occupies a seat, you must still purchase a separate ticket.

Take-off and landing? Give the baby a dummy

The mothers' greatest fear is that at the moment of takeoff and landing, the newborn baby will have pain in its ears, linked to the sudden change in altitude. When the altitude changes in a short time, Eustachian horns (the tubes that connect the pharynx with the middle ear) automatically close, so as to keep the pressure inside the ear constant. To reopen them, an adult simply swallows or yawns. For a newborn who does not know how to implement these mechanisms spontaneously, it is sufficient to induce it to swallow: it is therefore sufficient to give it something to suck, which can be a dummy or a bit of water in the bottle; if it is breastfed, it can be attached for a few minutes. These precautions must only be taken during takeoff and landing, because once the aircraft has reached altitude, the ear adapts itself and no precautions are necessary.

3.Avoid travel anxieties

When you travel, rest assured that newborns will feel your emotions. In fact, if you're agitated, they probably will be too. Whether it's car, train or plane the winning rule is always the same, no one forces you to travel, if you do it is because you like it, so transmit this pleasure of discovery to them too.

Do not upset his habits

If you are used to moving with the stroller, take it to the bottom of the ladder, if you are used to moving with the band do it at the airport.

5.Always bring a gearbox and diapers

Towel, a change and diapers. The little traveller you know has no timetables and could do it at any time. A baby with a dirty diaper can get nervous, better change it. In all the airports you will find the bathroom changing table, in the plane you can lower the tablet of the toilet, put on the toilet towel and change it by placing it on top.

6.More place yes or no?

Children up to two years of age (the exact age varies depending on the airline) do not have the insured seat in the flight. This means you have to hold a newborn baby in your arms for 6/7 up to 9 hours of flight or more. It is certainly not easy. Remember, however, that if you decide to take an extra seat, the cost, even for children, is no less than the cost of a place for adults.

Lucia Franco

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