The language of babies. Here's how to figure it out

The language of babies. Here's how to figure it out

How can you tell a baby? According to the English childcare professional, Tracy Hogg is sufficient to apply the method based on the daily routine "EASY", that is Eat (eat) Activity (activity), Sleep (ninna), You (tu). In short, four simple words that contain the routine of a baby and the secret to understanding it at its best, so as to make it happy and live quietly one of the most challenging but also most beautiful moments in the life of a parent.

So here are 10 signs that are part of the language of a baby:

1.Crying at a steady pace followed by lip snapping and hand sucking - These manifestations indicate that the newborn baby is hungry. Sometimes a baby even turns his head to the side, like looking for his mother's breast.
2.crying and whining while being breastfed - These manifestations may indicate that the newborn has some gastrointestinal discomfort, perhaps a little air in the belly. Therefore, it is advisable to suspend the feeding for a few seconds. During the interruption make a light massage on the belly and carcare to make him make a burp liberating.
3.Body stiffness, shaking of the limbs, especially the lower limbs and tongue upwards - These manifestations are symptomatic of poor digestion after a suck. If after breastfeeding the baby gets agitated and cries, maybe it means that he has taken too much milk or still ate too quickly. The solution, therefore, consists in giving him small strokes on the back to make him digest.
4.Yawning, continuous beating of eyelashes and little hands rubbing the eyes - These manifestations indicate tiredness of the baby. But that's not all. This can also be accompanied by agitation and intolerance.
5. Obstructed eyes, distance of the gaze from the objects that are shown, shaking of arms and legs, shifting of the head from the light - This manifestation may indicate that the child is suffering an excess of stimuli.
6.irritant plants and look away - These manifestations indicate an excess of stimuli, but also that the newborn is bored.
7.Redness on the cheeks and tired breath - These symptoms indicate that it has simply that it is hot. In all likelihood, his hands will continue to be cold in any case, a sign of peripheral circulation that is not yet fully functional, but could be sweaty under his neck.
8.Strong lamentation with shaking of the lower lip - These manifestations indicate that the newborn is cold. So, you have to cover it up.
9.Clenched Fist - All newborns keep their hands in this position and begin to open them around 8 weeks of life. Otherwise, they only start grabbing objects when they are 3 or 4 months old. Be careful, however, closed fists can also indicate stress or hunger symptoms of the newborn.
10.Intermittent lament that stops at the sound of the mother's voice - This manifestation indicates that the newborn simply seeks some attention from the mother. Your baby will almost certainly feel reassured as soon as he is taken in his arms and pampered a bit.

Lucia Franco

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