The Newborn and the Sea: the 6 golden rules

The Newborn and the Sea: the 6 golden rules

The heat is coming and we are now preparing to bring our little ones to the sea. But be careful! With some precautions. Here, then, are some tips.

1.Timetables for bringing newborn babies to the sea

The number one rule is to forget the arrival times at the beach when you were a couple and you could afford to get up late, without umbrella and under a pounding sun perpendicular on our head. We have to make yet another little effort of parents and get up very early so we can be at the sea for 7 and 30, 8 and the afternoon after 17 and 30. In general, during the first two years of life, it is good to take the little ones to the beach during the less hot hours. In addition, the sea air, being rich in iodine, has a powerful beneficial effect on the respiratory tract of the small, even acting as an aerosol.

2.The right clothing

As for the clothing to choose from, they should be lightweight, made of natural fiber and should leave arms and knees uncovered. Especially on hot days, it is important to ensure that your child is well hydrated. Also, when you're in the water, never forget to cover your baby's head with a cap.

3.After bathing in the sea

After a bath at sea it is always advisable to rinse the newborns with fresh water and dry them immediately.

4. Beware of temperatures!

The risk is not only related to the sun and the possibility of scalding if not well protected, but also to temperatures that can cause dehydration. To avoid this type of risk it is necessary to ensure that the newborn baby is always in the shade, under the umbrella, to cool it down from time to time and to make it drink. If you breast-feed it, you do not need to press on with water because your baby is already hydrated by its mother's milk.

5.Infants and sun protection

The sun is the number one enemy in the skin, let alone in the case of newborns. It is inconceivable to go to the sea without sun protection for children with a very high protection factor. If we think that we adults use a 50-day protection for the first day, that of the little ones cannot be less than 100.

6. What to do in case of sunburn

It is possible on a particularly hot day, despite all the attentions, that the baby may get burnt and his skin may get red. In this case, also to relieve burning and other annoyances, it is useful to obtain immediately an emollient cream that to the touch is also fresh and if necessary also contact the doctor.

Lucia Franco

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