The torrid heat arrives: here's how to deal with it together with the little ones

The torrid heat arrives: here's how to deal with it together with the little ones

Too high a temperature can cause annoying discomfort to newborns. Their small body, in fact, is made for the 75% of water, which means that the risk of dehydration for them is very high. Here, then, are some useful tips on how to best protect babies from the heat in the summer months.

The heat and the newborns

Infants are more sensitive to heat than we adults. It is therefore important to know how to interpret all the signals that the newborn sends and that can make us think that it is hot, to be able to mitigate its discomfort and thus avoid any colds or ailments.

Dewatering and feeding

One of the most important problems related to heat is the risk of dehydration. If the little one sweats a lot and does not sufficiently replenish the lost liquids, it could become dehydrated. Generally speaking, for a breastfed baby, this risk is practically zero, because in the very first few months, whenever it is needed, the baby finds a good compromise in breast milk, both in terms of hunger and thirst. In the case where powdered milk is used, if it is very hot, between one feed and the next, it may be useful to give a little water to the baby in small doses, helping you with a teaspoon. This small operation is not to quench the thirst of the newborn, but rather to prevent it from becoming dehydrated.

The perfect clothing

The most appropriate clothing is made from a simple body or a comfortable clown (prefer those in cotton or linen and light colors that do not absorb heat). That's all. However, it is essential to always have with you something cotton to cover the baby when you enter and leave the closed places. This is to prevent it from being subjected to extreme heat fluctuations.

Things to avoid absolutely

A good advice is certainly not to expose the little ones to an intense heat. So avoid going out in the hottest hours. The best time to go out is immediately after the first feeding, around 7.30 am/8.00 pm. During this time you can enjoy a few hours in the open air without the risk of feeling too hot or dehydrating. On the other hand, during the most critical hours you can try to cool down the house through the use of a fan, which should never be aimed directly at the newborn baby. In the case of air conditioners, it is sufficient to set the temperature to 26°, always taking into account the outside temperature. Even in the car you can easily turn on the air conditioning, but the difference with the outside must never exceed 5/6 degrees.

By the sea

Infants can be brought to the sea in the coolest hours: from 8.00 to 10.00 (in the morning) and after 18.00 (in the afternoon). Even at these times of the day, specific protection is required for the skin of children and to be protected under the umbrella. And why not use a good hat against the risk of possible sunstroke.

Summer sleep

The heat can annoy the baby's sleep, making him more nervous and making him wake up several times during the night. That's why you need to try to create an environment that is suitable for sleeping. If the neck is warm and sweaty it means that the newborn is very hot and probably will be too covered. You're going to have to find out a little bit. Moreover, if it is sweaty, it is always better to change it, in order to avoid that it can cool down due to an airstroke.

Travelling by car

When travelling by car, it is best to always put a cotton or linen sheet between the child and the egg/seat or stroller. This is because, being padded, they can warm up and make the child sweat on his back. Always carry one or two gearboxes so that it is always dry.

Lucia Franco

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