Happy Babies: The 3 Signs to Understand If A Baby Is Really Happy

Happy Babies: The 3 Signs to Understand If A Baby Is Really Happy

Sometimes, small, concrete daily actions are enough to make the role of mother and father lighter and more pleasant and to guarantee the newborn baby the growth and attention it deserves. But can happiness really be encompassed in just three points? Absolutely not, but we try the same.
Here, then, are the three distinctive signs that identify a child really happy.

First Signal - Lives a Harmonic Daily Rhythm

For the newborn, daily routines and small rites are very important because they give him security, a sense of border within which he can move with serenity and orientate him even when he does not yet have the perception of time.

Second signal - it's curious like a monkey

The curiosity of a newborn baby is linked to its sense of effectiveness, a bit like the search for new challenges. The curious child, in fact, is always looking for images and colors that arouse his interest. He likes to explore new places and use his eyes to capture everything around him.

Third signal - happy if we are happy and serene

The child learns by imitation and absorbs everything from the environment without the possibility of filtering. Having a good example to follow avoids having to spend time and effort with an educational method from old times. Therefore, take your own spaces and recharge yourself with the things you like to do: we adults also have an inner child who asks for his right attention.

If the three signs described above are present in your newborn, you can be sure that you have a baby who will grow up happily and who will one day discover the world and emerge victorious from the challenges of life.

In case not all three of the dreams described above are present in your child, don't worry: the child is equally serene. The important thing is to transmit to them always the maximum serenity and harmony.

What if that were not the case?

Don't worry. The parentâs trade is the most difficult trade in the world. No one is born learned. It is good to always show all your affection, reassuring it and transmitting curiosity to it.

You can grow with them through healthy teaching collaboration and multidimensional growth for both, and if being a parent is arduous, being a child is no less challenging!

Lucia Franco

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