The time and presence of a parent in the life of a child

The time and presence of a parent in the life of a child

You become important in the life of a child if you devote time to it, if you are present. A child of a few months do not cry just because he is hungry. It can do so for several reasons: because it is hot or cold, because it is wet or because it feels a certain discomfort due to a bad position. As he grows up, he will cry or call only to draw attention to himself or to be pampered.

The figure of the parents is fundamental in the growth of a child. They can come to his aid in different situations, also because, according to certain studies, dads like mothers are "activated" to the same extent by the whining and the calls issued by the child and over time they get used to understand them and understand what is behind it.

A parent is forever

Every day, the newborn baby attaches himself sentimentally to the people around him and takes care of him, such as mothers and fathers. The newborn becomes so attached: he gets used to their gestures, their voice, their scent, their smile and their hugs, but also to the stories they tell and their ways of playing with him. These people so close to him become fundamental and in their daily contact with them the child learns how to relate to others.

Of course, that's not all it takes. There are also walks together where you look at the world around you, there are stories, listening to the breath, dialogues. In short, a mix of attention and adventures that are the basis of healthy growth.

Lucia Franco

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