Infants recognize their mum even at a distance of 2 meters

Infants recognize their mum even at a distance of 2 meters

Infants tend to recognize their mother right from the start, even at a distance of 2 meters from her, thanks to the smell that it emanates. This starts already in the belly, as the nasal cavities of the young during the 9 months of gestation develop and begin to smell and taste. But how is that possible? Science explains how and why.

Smell as an infallible guide

Mother and child have the ability to recognize each other's smell from birth, which explains why a newborn baby calms down as soon as they rest it on his mother's breast.
In a nutshell, during the 9 months of pregnancy newborns begin to develop senses, including smell and taste. This means that at the 5th month of gestation, newborns swallow and suck, in particular they swallow half a litre of amniotic fluid every 24 hours. The liquid is then digested and the nutrients enter the blood of the newborns. The latter filter the nutrients and in turn return them to the mother through the umbilical cord.
In addition, it should be noted that the food mothers eat flavours the amniotic fluid. Precisely for this reason, according to the science, the newborns look almost automatically for the smell which has accompanied them during the whole gestation period and therefore for their family. But that's not all. It seems that the mother's sweat in the first days of her baby's life recalls the smell of amniotic fluid and the fact that the baby starts to suck from the 5th month of pregnancy explains how newborn, put on her mother's chest, instinctively seeks her breast to be able to feed.

Pheromones play a decisive role

Pheromones play a decisive role in the relationship between mother and child. In fact, both of them can be recognized by these, without the need to use either sight or touch. According to, therefore, scholars the smell of the mother is a source of security as well as indissoluble bond.

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