At what age does the newborn recognize his parents?

At what age does the newborn recognize his parents?

Does the newborn recognize his mother immediately after birth? Undoubtedly, the child uses all 5 senses to recognize the body of the one who carried him in the belly for 9 months.

According to experts, newborn babies' eyesight can focus on their mother's face during breastfeeding. This means that they can see very well at a distance of 20 centimeters and are able to know the face of the mother or father who is holding him in her arms right away.

The baby also recognizes the beat of his mother's heart, as he recognizes the sound of his mother's and father's voice, which he already heard inside the bump. It is therefore essential to lull him gently even with words and lullabies.

The sense of smell of the newborn is also very important. Mom's scent has a very strong appeal to him. According to some studies, in fact, the newborn baby can immediately find his mother's breast not because he sees it, but because it smells the same as the amniotic fluid.

The actual recognition of mother and father, however, takes place at the end of the first 3 months. While, around the ninth month, the newborn is able to realize that he is a small autonomous being who recognizes not only the people closest to him (mom, dad and grandparents) but also strangers.

Lucia Franco

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