EC: practical tips for growing a newborn baby without diapers

EC: practical tips for growing a newborn baby without diapers

It is called Elimination Communication (EC) and is a widely used method in the United States. Precisely, it is based on listening and observing the little ones, in order to recognize their needs and to grasp the signals that they manifest when they have to do their need.

EC (Elimination Communication)

The EC is not such a new concept. If we think of it, man has been using it for thousands of years and is still used today in very disadvantaged regions of the world. However, it is important to be able to grasp the first signs (grimaces, reddening of the face) and immediately place the child on the toilet, on the potty or on a bowl, depending on the needs and the situation in which you find yourself. If you learn to recognize these signs, you can take your baby to the toilet rather than letting him or her do the work in the diaper.

Communication is everything

The name Elimination Communication has been chosen to underline the importance of communication between newborn and mother, essential to understand all the needs of children, including peeing and popularization.

So when to start and how?

It's very simple: the mother, father or caregiver must learn to read the messages that the baby sends whenever he or she needs to go to the toilet. A method that certainly is not for everyone and that would not work for example in a kindergarten.
to start you need to spend two or three days to carefully observe the newborn and understand what are the specific messages he sends when he pee or populated. Moreover, there is no time. You can either start using this method immediately or wait 3 months after giving birth. Keep in mind that the first few months between one pee and another take at least 20-30 minutes then the time is extended to 1 or 2 hours.
Generally, after a few days you can understand your child's habits and act accordingly. A good thing would also be to note down the times, usually they are always the same. You will see that after the first weeks of practice it will also be the newborn itself that will help you because it will have associated the position that you make him assume or the place where he is with the time to do pee or popò.

How to position your child

In the case of the pee there is no need to take on special positions, while for the popò to help the little one get rid of you can lift both legs by pressing slowly and gently on the belly.

What to do when you are out

As for the night and when you are away from home, there are those who still use the method, but those who want to be more comfortable and bring with them the traditional diapers. When we go out we can, in fact, take with us some changes, an emergency container and some pieces of wax if we go to the home of friends or relatives.

How to Dress Up the Baby?

The EC has a lot of advantages but it is also very challenging, so you should try to make your job as easy as possible by keeping containers in all rooms at hand, and dressing the child so as to make the change as fast as possible if he gets wet,
so you should prefer broken dresses and vests with panties. It is also important to put waxes in the bed or under the child if we place them on a carpet or a sofa.

Lucia Franco

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