Male names 2019: the most beautiful to choose from

Male names 2019: the most beautiful to choose from

Are you waiting for a baby boy to be born in 2019 and are you already thinking about the name?

The choice of name, as you know, is almost never easy and deserves so much attention. It is important, first of all, to know the meaning of the name you want to give, so as to understand the story behind each name. Then it is interesting to discover all the onomastics of that name, because often there are more than one, and the famous people, from the past or modern, who have carried the same name.

So here, in our opinion, are the coolest names next year. Beware, this is not a ranking, but just a list of the most beautiful, interesting and even trendiest names today.

TOBIA - Name of Jewish origin. It means: "The Lord is my good". The onomastic occurs on November 2.

NOAH - This name, the English version of Noah, symbolizes a person capable of bringing tranquility, rest and consolation, an altruistic person who always thinks about the good of others before his own personal good. It is not widespread in Italy and is a name of Jewish origin.

ANDREA - Name of Greek origin. It means "brave man". Onomastic: November 30.

MANUEL - Like Emanuel, it means "With us God is". The name Emanuele has had a lot of luck in Spain from where - also following the Iberian dominations in Italy - the variants that enjoy the same favor in the Italian onomastics were resumed. The onomastic is celebrated on March 26 in memory of St. Emanuel martyr.

LION - Derivatives from ancient Greek and means "lion". The onomastic is celebrated on November 10. To remember with this name Leone Ginzburg, Italian writer and antifascist (1909-1944).

LIAM - Altruistic and protective, sociable and generous to the point of sacrifice. Trend towards science and volunteering.

NICOLO' - Greek origin. It means "winner". The onomastic is traditionally celebrated on December 6. Among the historical figures with this name to remember the Italian politician and philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli.

CHRISTIAN - Origin of Latin Greek origin, is the variant of Christian. It means "devoted and consecrated to Christ". The onomastic is celebrated on March 18.

JACOPO - Italian variation of James, means "faithful follower of God". James or Iacope or Iacobo are interchangeable variants with Jacob ("heel, heel, footprint of God") their direct derivative.

THOMAS - This is the English, French and German variant of Thomas. The origin is Aramaic-Jewish and means "twin". There are many variations, including Tomaso, Tomasso and Tommasino.

NATHAN - Also used as a diminutive of the names Jonathan and Nathaniel, it derives from Hebrew and means "God gave": in the Old Testament Nathan was a prophet who helped King David and his son.

ALESSANDER - Symbol of strength and power. Alexander the Great the Macedonian was its most famous progenitor. Origin: Greek (voice composed of 'alexo': defending, protecting and 'aner-andrós': man). Meaning: the one who protects men (but also "man saved", "man who saves"). The name is celebrated on 26 August (Saint Alexander, patron of Bergamo), 22 April (Saint Alexandrian, virgin and martyred), and 30 August (Saint Alexander Newsky).

LEONARDO - German origin. It means: "as strong as a lion". The onomastic is celebrated on March 30. With this name the genius of the arts Leonardo da Vinci.

JOSH - Derivatives from the Hebrew Jehoa Schiuah and means 'the Lord saves'. It's Joshua's diminutive. The onomastic is celebrated on September 1.

Lucia Franco

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