Female Names 2019: The Most Beautiful To Choose

Female Names 2019: The Most Beautiful To Choose

Are you waiting for a baby girl to be born in 2019 and are you already thinking about the name?

The choice of name, as you know, is almost never easy and deserves so much attention. It is important, first of all, to know the meaning of the name you want to give, so as to understand the story behind each name. Looking at the latest trends here are what we think will be the coolest names for girls next year. Beware, this is not a ranking, but just a list of the most beautiful, interesting and even trendiest names today.

ELISABETH - The name derives from the ancient Aramaic Elischeba and means "she who swears for God". Elisabeth, variant of Elizabeth, is a person posed and fun at the same time. It cultivates multiple interests and has a great competitive spirit. The onomastic is celebrated on July 4.

LAURA - Derives from the Latin laurus, "laurel" and therefore has the meaning of "she who carries the laurel". The laurel, for the ancient Romans, was a plant sacred to Apollo and was a symbol of wisdom and glory. The onomastic is celebrated on October 19 (Saint Laura of Cordoba, Martyr).

CLOE - Derives from the ancient Greek Chloe, which means "green and tender grass, bud, nascent plant". Its ancient origins date back to Greek mythology, Demeter, the Greek goddess of nature and cultivation, was also called Cloe. The onomastic is celebrated on November 1, the feast of every saint.

ALTHEA - Derives from ancient Greek and can also be declined in the Italian form Altea. It means "she who cares".

ELISA - Name of Jewish origin, is the diminutive of Elizabeth (Hebrew name Elishaba, composed of El, "God", and scheba, "seven", the number of perfection: it therefore means "God is perfection" or "God is oath"). The onomastic is celebrated on June 26 (Sant'Elisa).

MIA - It actually derives from a very traditional name, Maria, and is widespread in Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands. The meaning of this name for a child is "princess, loved by the god Amen", even if for some people it would derive from Arabic and it would mean water.

LUNA - It's a very special name that inspires mystery and charm.

GIADA - auspicious name of recent use, which means "beautiful and bright as jade", a precious stone usually green in color. The term jade comes from the Spanish word ijada or "flank" and refers to the possible healing properties of stone for kidney disease. The name has only stood in Italy since the twentieth century. Being an adespote name, or rather one that does not match the names of saints and blesseds recognized by the Church and celebrated in the liturgical calendar, can be celebrated on November 1, the feast of All Saints.

ELEKTRA - Derivatives from the Greek "elektron" and means "shining like amber". In the Greek myth Elektra was the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, but also one of the Pleiads. The onomastic is celebrated on October 14.

SABINA - Derives from the Latin Sabinus and means "that it comes from Sabina". For your daughter you can choose the Latin Sabina or the more common French Sabine. In both cases it is a name for a child with sporting talent and passionate about travel. As an adult he could combine the two passions in a single athletic profession: the tennis player, the gymnast or the dancer. The onomastic is celebrated on 29 August.

ADELE - Name of Germanic origin. It means: "noble". The onomastic is December 24.

SVEVA - Name that refers to the ancient people of Swabians. The onomastic is celebrated on September 8th. Sveva Casati Modignani is the pseudonym used by writers Bice and Nullo Cantaroni.

Lucia Franco

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