When should I bathe my newborn baby: before or after feeding?

When to bathe your baby: before or after feeding

There is no particular time for a bath. Bathing must be a pleasant time, in which even the mother is relaxed and quiet. It is preferable in any case to do it away from the meal so as not to disturb the digestion and because as very often happens the child wants to stand a bit in his arms and be pampered.

Absolutely to avoid

Avoid bathing if your baby is hungry, as he or she will be greeted with cries and shouts because, rightly, the child's first need is always to feel full and nourished. If you try to force him to take a bath when he has an empty pancina it is possible that for the baby the bath becomes a rather unpleasant moment. Remember that the newborn has very fast digestive times compared to an adult, to the point that you have to change it, almost always, a few minutes after each feeding.

The best time

The ideal would be before the evening meal, if there is time, since the bath has a relaxing effect that reconciles sleep. In addition, taking a daily bath for your child is a very important moment, since it recreates the situation of immersion in the amniotic fluid that has welcomed him for 9 months.

Water temperature

The water temperature should be at 37°, similar to the body temperature (you can measure it with a water thermometer or, more simply, with your elbow).

For the baby's bath it is advisable to use a small tub or a bowl, which allows the baby to be immersed up to his shoulders. The environment must be warm and welcoming. In addition, for the washing just the mother's hand (avoid sponges, also because they are unhygienic) as well as just one detergent for hair and body, to be dissolved in small quantities in water.

Lucia Franco

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