The dummy is left with sweetness

The dummy is left with sweetness

The dummy is a good ally of mothers and fathers during the first months of a child's life, but it becomes a real drama when you have to abandon it. Gradually, let's get this straight. Without constrictions and bullying.

The pacifier

Some babies refuse the pacifier with all their strength, despite mom and dad try to make him love it unnecessarily and without any result, because they much prefer to suck their thumbs or because they do not simply feel the need. For many others, however, the dummy is an almost indispensable object, to the point of not being able to do without it. In any case, most dummy-loving babies leave the baby independently within 2 years, following an easy and natural process. Others, on the other hand, need more time (sometimes an extra year) and a spinterella from the parents. It is an issue that concerns not only the growth and independence of the child, but also his health.

For and against

The pacifier helps the child to calm down when he is restless or even tired. However, paediatricians estimate that its prolonged use, i.e. after putting on the teeth, creates enormous problems for the structure of the mouth, as its shape can cause deformation of the palate and push out the incisors. To avoid these two problems it is important, therefore, to choose a good pacifier suitable for the age of the child who uses it. There are, in fact, the so-called "light pacifiers", or those designed for those who have already put all the teeth. The dilemma is, therefore, to convince the child at this point to choose the pacifier for adults, giving them the opportunity to decide the color or decoration that interests them most.
But beware! Never take a child's pacifier off from one day to the next. The gesture would be seen as a real violence that can cause anxiety trauma and even insecurity.

Never over 3 years of age

It is essential to have a dialogue with the child. Explain in simple words what it means to grow and, therefore, abandon old habits leaving room for new ones.
Using the dummy over 3 years is a real "crime" because, according to some experts, it can be used "improperly" by parents. Usually, a crying baby tries to communicate something to his mom and dad. It is, therefore, the practice of parents to talk to him, even from afar when it is not possible to embrace him because you are doing something else. It is wrong, however, to use the pacifier only to calm it down and not feel it again, as this would only damage it. The damage from dummy, in fact, is not seen immediately but re-emerges towards adulthood, because it accustoms the child not to face the problems of life, sometimes compensating them with food, the wrong thing and anti healthy.

Separation not seen in a treumatic way

The separation from the dummy must be managed in a gradual and delicate way. For example, starting to abandon the dummy during the day, because during those hours the child can find a myriad of things to do while distracting himself. Only in this way and in small steps, the child will begin to move away spontaneously without even realizing it. And he'll say no more himself.

L. F.

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