Suck your thumb until when?

Suck your thumb until when?

Sucking the finger is a more than normal gesture, as it offers comfort to the newborn in moments that are difficult for him. Sometimes it is easier than the dummy, since the finger is always at hand and can not be hidden from mom and dad. But how can we understand if this gesture so normal has become an obsession and that the child is dependent on it, to the point of preserving it even after childhood?

Thumb in mouth

The vast majority of newborns use their thumbs for sleeping, or when they feel tired and need a moment of their own. Even a fright or a moment of stress can induce the need to suck the thumb, to recreate the feeling of well-being and protection of when they were at the breast of the mother. Up to 3 or 4 years, considering that the palate is still soft and the dentition incomplete, the health risks are minimal and the psychological benefit is very high.

After 4 years

If the child continues to suck his thumb over 4 years of age, but especially if it is repeated during his day, however, you need to ask questions. Sucking your thumb is by no means a vice, but the expression of a sense of insecurity and lack of self-confidence. There is, therefore, a risk that as the child grows up and faces bigger challenges and higher expectations, he or she will stick to his or her thumb even more than abandon it.

So what do we do?

Mum and dad have to be at their side cuddling them or simply sweetening them with a little milk and a fairy tale in case they can't get to sleep.

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