Grandparents: a perfect alliance, but with measure

Grandparents: a perfect alliance, but with measure

According to some statistics, grandparents are preferred by parents. They are, in fact, the perfect solution that has obvious advantages in economic, practical and above all affective terms. Moreover, since there is already a very strong bond between the child and the grandparents, the two parents are calmer to leave it in their hands.

Role and timing

Grandparents are special figures who pamper their grandchildren with love and sweetness. Their role is not to be educators, but simply to be grandparents who sometimes spoil them. And the fact of relating to figures who have different attitudes (grandparents and parents) can represent a real wealth for the child.

Raising a child full time is a very tiring task so not all grandparents have the necessary energy. Children need to move, play, explore. That's why it would be a good idea to leave the baby only for a part of the day.

In case grandparents take care of their grandchild more than necessary, it is necessary to pay attention to the technological pastimes: it is good to clarify that under 5 years is not recommended any type of electronic device such as tablet and mobile phone. In this period of his life the little one necessarily needs sensory and not virtual experiences to better understand the reality of things.

Lucia Franco

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