The anti-hot moves for your baby

The anti-hot moves for your baby

Summer is not over yet and there are many doubts of new mothers struggling with their first baby. Is it gonna be hot? Will he be thirsty? How should I dress him up? Here, then, is a little guide on how to behave when the climate is still too hot.

The first months of the small

In the first months of life, the newborn generally does not need to drink water. His mother's milk, as well as the milk in the formula, is composed of about 90% water, which is why it fully meets the need for liquids. In addition, if you breastfeed the baby can safely quench his thirst.

However, in rare cases, for example if the heat is too high or if the baby has a fever, it can be useful in small breastfeeding with a formula to give small doses of oligomineral water. In these cases the newborn may appear more irritable or, on the contrary, less reactive, its mucous membranes drier, its diaper less wet than usual. Before administering water, it is advisable to consult your paediatrician.

The thermoregulation system of a newborn takes some time to adapt to extrauterine life and in the first few days is not 100% efficient. That doesn't mean you have to dress him up too covertly. If it's very hot you can leave it uncovered, possibly using only a cotton body; a light cotton sleepsuit always in cases of air conditioning.

Cold hands and feet are not always signs of thermal discomfort, precisely because peripheral circulation still needs to be improved. On the other hand, sweat in the folds of the body (behind the head, on the elbows, under the neck) indicates that the baby is hot and it is better to lighten it.

In the middle of the day, the baby should be indoors, in the house. This is to protect it from both excessive temperature and the action of the sun's rays. For the first 6 months, the newborn should not be exposed directly to UV radiation, much less in the hours when it is strongest.

Air conditioning is fine, but in moderation. To cool the rooms, the air conditioning is an excellent solution, even in the bedroom, but avoiding to lower the temperature too much, to avoid sudden changes between inside and outside. All it takes is 25-26 degrees with the dehumidifier function for a feeling of well-being. The fins of the air conditioner must never be directed at the newborn baby.

If the heat is too strong, you can opt for a bath a couple of times a day. It's okay to use just water. The newborn should always be dried with care, especially in the skin folds.

Lucia Franco

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