The 10 things to expect in your first year as a parent

The 10 things to expect in your first year as a parent.

The first year as a parent is full of great changes, but also of great emotions. White nights and lots of smiles. Pooping and the baby's first discoveries. TutineNeonato.it has collected for you the 10 things to know and expect in your first year as a new parent. Do you recognize us?

1. Life becomes a real gym

Made of completely new emotions and experiences. It's an ongoing commitment. First it seems impossible and then it becomes easy.

2.Tiredness to go go go

You'll never feel as tired as you did in your first year.

3.Google becomes your best friend or enemy

You will search this search engine for things you once could never, not even remotely, imagine to look for.

4. Newborns are attracted by the danger of

If there is even a minimum of danger in the house (edges, sockets, electronic equipment on, etc.) your newborn will obviously be attracted to that direction.

5.Shopping will be exclusively for the little one

Don't be surprised if you spend your time shopping in baby stores.

6.You will help each other

Doing things together has never been so much fun. Even if it's just for washing dishes or clearing up.

7.On Saturday you will dedicate it to do the shopping

You'll only do your shopping on the weekend.

8.You will fall in love again

Seeing your partner together with your baby will make you fall in love with him or her even more.

9.You will be wiser

Having a child is a school of life. You are no longer the centre of the world, but the child. And this will help you to be more responsible and wise.

10.You will be happy

Certain moments will be so perfect and wonderful that you'll say to yourself, "I'm living what I always wanted to live.

Lucia Franco

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