6 things that the future dad must do during pregnancy

6 things that the future dad must do during pregnancy

Becoming a father, especially for the first time, is an intense and special emotional experience. But what should a future dad do during pregnancy?

1. Visiting together

Always try to be accompanied to the visits with the midwife, with the gynaecologist, to the prepared course.

Collaboration is very important during pregnancy and will become even more essential once the baby is born. You have to reason like a team, where the individual completes the other for a common goal: the good of the child

Participate in Purchasing

For the mother the child is something concrete and tangible, as well as changes in her body, for the father the idea of the child remains something quite abstract until birth. This feeling can lead to the mistake of not being sufficiently involved, leaving the mother alone to do some shopping and pre-birth classes. Not participating actively in this phase, however, means starting on the wrong foot to be a good dad. We must not miss the opportunity to live fully the situation of "dad waiting".


The future mother will have a thousand doubts and a thousand perplexities. You have to know how to listen to it. Never underestimate your concerns, be understanding and identify with them. It needs to be understood and supported. You need to make her feel safe, calm and never alone.

Interacting with the child

Make the dads participate in the movement of the child, in what you hear, let him read a story, make the child listen to his voice, and then speak freely to your belly.

Doing more things in the house

Before you can be a good "expectant father", you must be a good husband or companion. This also means working together at home: cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, cleaning and shopping. In pregnancy it is necessary for the father to devote more attention to matters that were previously exclusively the responsibility of the partner. It is important to lighten the tasks of the future mother, trying to take on at least the most tiring things.

In short, try to live the pregnancy together, never neglecting communication, both physical and verbal. Sharing one's own weaknesses also helps to strengthen the relationship.

6. Attentions

The father's task is also to let her have fun every now and then with a dinner outside, a cinema, a nice massage and some well-deserved attention, the partner. Sweetness is the key to everything, especially in such a delicate and stressful period as pregnancy.

Lucia Franco

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