The first walks of the newborn

The first walks of the newborn

With the arrival of the summer season take a stroll the newborn is almost an obligation. Not only do the stimuli coming from the outside stimulate the baby's intellectual development, but the daily outings also help him to relax and learn to distinguish between day and night.

The most suitable "means of transport

In the first months of a child's life, the most comfortable means of transport to take him for a walk are certainly the pram or the headband. The wheelchair is preferable for long walks as it allows the baby to rest in its protected space and you moms do not have to struggle to hold it always in your arms. For those who use public transport, however, the band is certainly more suitable, much more practical. After 4 months it is necessary, however, to leave the wheelchair preferring the stroller, facing you in the early days and the outside when the little begins to express interest in the world around him.

How to Dress Up Your Newborn

It is best to dress your child appropriately, taking into account that he or she may also be exposed to cold or heat. First of all, it is not necessary to cover the newborn too much. A chenille jumpsuit and a padded suit are perfect for the cold months. In spring, the chenille jumpsuit can be replaced with a cotton jumpsuit and a light wool cover. In summer, the bodies and a light sheet are perfect (always within reach of less).

The four seasons

It is preferable to choose quiet places, rich in greenery and far from the traffic, favouring in every season, including winter, the hours with the mildest climate. In spring, you should keep your ears well covered in strong winds or when the outside temperature is very low. In summer, on the other hand, a cotton headdress or an umbrella are necessary to protect the head from the sun's rays.

Also, remember that it is not so much the cold as the temperature changes that are harmful to the health of a newborn baby. In fact, during the winter you have to discover the child immediately when you enter the shops and cover it when you leave. In summer, however, you need to protect it with a sheet or cotton sweater with air conditioning in individual stores.

The duration of the walk

There are no limits to the duration of the walk. If the weather is good and it's not too cold you can stay around with your child as much as you want.

Long walks are not recommended when the weather is bad, there is too much wind or it is very cold. Peak hours should be avoided without a shadow of a doubt, when traffic is more intense and the air is more polluted. In addition, in the first days of life of the newborn it is good to avoid even public places with a high density of attendance such as shopping malls, where there is a greater possibility of contracting viruses and infections.

What to always take with you

When you go out with a baby you should never forget at home:

  • Sanitation wipes;
  • Three to four diapers for the rear derailleur;
  • A sheet to be placed on the public changing tables;
  • A cream for the ass;
  • One or two spare bodies;
  • A jumpsuit in case the child gets dirty;
  • A cover or a sheet, depending on the season;
  • A rain cover if we are in winter;
  • A mosquito net for wheelchair/passenger in summer.

Lucia Franco

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