The great cold is coming. Here's how to protect your baby

The great cold is coming. Here's how to protect your baby

The great cold is coming. Here's how to protect your baby

As we all know, dressing an infant in layers is absolutely not a fashion, but a sacrosanct truth that allows us, especially in periods of great cold, to regulate the body temperature of our child without causing any kind of damage.
According to paediatricians, in fact, there are no temperatures in which a child must categorically stay at home. The time that remains outside is also very important. Obviously, the newborn must always be covered in an absolutely impeccable way during the exits. Here, then, are some tips and rules on how to dress a newborn in the cold.
The first fundamental rule is to buy clothes made with natural materials. Remember that both cotton and wool retain heat, otherwise synthetic fabrics do not allow to retain color and are often the cause of sweaty skin, responsible for the number one of annoying colds and colds.
Infants should be dressed in onion clothes and never excessively, as they have abundant perspiration.

So how to prevent colds in newborns?

The best time to go out in winter with a newborn baby is usually between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. A good practice is to consult the weather day by day. Whether you go out or stay at home naturally depends on factors other than temperature. For example, you have to assess if there is a lot of wind, if it is snowing, if there is a lot of mist or ice. In these cases you have to be very careful and cautious. Remember that it is always better to go out after the baby has eaten so that it is calm and serene.
As for newborns who are 15/20 days old, they are already able to maintain their body temperature as constant as any adult, even if their hands and feet appear to us at the touch of ice cream. This should not alarm us at all, as they do not reflect their real temperature, but it is a physiological characteristic of them. To assess, therefore, if the newborn is cold, you can touch his abdomen, which reflects his real body temperature, or look at his face. If your face is waxy and with reddish blotches and is agitated or breathes faster, then it may be cold. Otherwise, if the newborn has red cheeks, it's almost certainly hot.

What problems can an infant have if it is exposed to too much cold?

Unlike an adult, a newborn baby has more difficulty in regulating its body temperature, which can drop quickly if exposed to too low temperatures and is not properly covered. In fact, the risk of hypothermia is greater in infants than in adults. The reason? It's simple. The newborn has a very large body surface compared to weight, with great heat loss. In addition, an infant with a very low amount of fat does not have the ability to shake in the cold like an adult, which is a spontaneous activity that generally helps to increase body temperature.

How to dress up a newborn in January and February?

The best strategy is undoubtedly the "onion" strategy, that is to say, in layers, rather than a single heavy cover. Perfect are also the padded bags designed specifically to create the right warmth even during the coldest days. Remember that the wool cap, scarf and gloves should never be missing. We choose warm cotton leotards, we prefer chenille suits to wear under the padded suit, when you choose to go for a walk outside. Let's take an example of how to get out in a really cold climate. What we recommend is a bodysuit and tights (preferably made of cotton), then a chenille sleepsuit and finally a waterproof padded sleepsuit, with built-in hood, knobs and foot protection. As soon as you return from your walk, remove one or two layers as the newborn baby will start to sweat, with the risk of cooling down seriously.

Better pram or baby carrier?

What experts recommend is certainly the wheelchair, as the baby carrier leads to greater exposure to the cold and wind. So it risks cooling down quickly and getting seriously ill. Of course, the wheelchair must be well equipped and full of useful accessories to protect the newborn.

The most important points to remember

Going out with your baby is good for you, but with a few precautions. Let's see which ones:
Go out in the hottest hours.
Dress up the newborn in layers.
Cover his head, feet and little hands well.
Use a well-equipped wheelchair with thermal bag and wind cover.
Systematically check the temperature of the child.
Keep your skin well hydrated.

Lucia Franco

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