The first layette of our child

The first layette of our child

When a child arrives, we should buy everything and more for the shopkeepers. But what does it really take for our baby to be born? Here is a small list of the perfect layette!

The perfect wardrobe

First of all, it is important to create a good wardrobe. Then we start buying cotton bodies, with short or long sleeves depending on the season. For the winter period we also recommend chenille jumpsuits, t-shirts made of cotton inside and wool outside, or even better those made of warm cotton, the padded outdoor suit that protects it from head to toe. On the other hand, for the summer period the light cotton rompers and clowns are very comfortable and nice. Embroidery of all kinds, buttons and laces must be avoided without a shadow of a doubt. They can be very risky for the new guy.

You can't miss the sweatshirt useful to cover it when you pick it up in your arms or when you leave one place and you enter another. As for socks, better if in cotton and bibs in "industrial" quantity.

The perfect linen

Buy sheets for bed and wheelchair strictly smooth and therefore free of embroidery and ribbons of any kind, with waterproof mattress cover. Always match the cover, depending on the period, in light cotton or wool or down, to put in the pram or cradle. Finally, the bathrobe. The ideal one is "triangular", sleeveless, with only the hood to wrap it better.

Quality Made in Italy

Always give priority to quality. Then read the composition of the garments and always choose one size more. But never further, otherwise you can risk not being able to use them all.


Diapers are the first thing your baby will need, so try to keep a good supply of them from the start. It is also very important to have a good bath foam and shampoo for babies. After that a good cream or an almond oil essential for dry skin, a brush with rounded tips and rounded scissors to cut the nails.

Other accessories

Dummy, feeding bottle, nursing pillow, changing table, bathtub, wipes.

Lucia Franco

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