Corredino newborn: what do you really need?

Corredino newborn: what do you really need?

When a child is about to arrive, we begin to think about preparing everything we need, starting with the layette. This can be very funny, but sometimes also very stressful and tiring as you do not know the size and weight of the baby itself. So a basic rule: PURCHASE THE ESSENTIAL!

What is really needed for the newborn?

The child at birth will not need many things, but returning from hospital is essential for the serenity of the mother, have the essentials already well organized and tidy in the appropriate drawers.

When choosing clothing, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the season in which the little one is born. It is also necessary to keep in mind the comfort for the newborn and the practicality in changing the clothes. Consider that you may have to change your baby's bed 3-4 times a day. Therefore, choose cotton suits and bodies, with short or long sleeves depending on the period, easy to button and that do not have to be threaded by the head. In addition, they are more comfortable than the T-shirts because they do not lift and do not leave the back uncovered.

Clothes should be easy to wash and fabrics should be breathable and natural (cotton, chenille and wool). Therefore, avoid synthetic fabrics that may cause itching or irritation of the baby's skin.

For the winter the sweatshirts and the golfers are always comfortable, both at home and outside, to cover it when you take it in your arms. But the so-called "eskimo" is also ideal: it is a padded outdoor suit, as it wraps it well from head to toe, plus caps and knobs.

Finally, the cotton socks for all seasons and hypoallergenic wool socks plus slippers for the winter (the children's feet are always cold!). Bibs at will (about twenty of these in the first 9-10 months. there is never enough!), so replace them if a regurgitation escapes.

Bed Body

The sheets for wheelchairs must be strictly without embroidery, lace and ribbons, with waterproof mattress covers, to prevent a spill of pee bathe the mattress. Bed sheets for loungers must also be absolutely smooth with a mattress cover.

The small cover, made of wool or light cotton, is essential depending on the season. It can be placed in the wheelchair and wrapped around the baby when it is in the arms. On the other hand, the bed cover can be made of cotton for the middle of the season, while for the winter it is better to have a down jacket with a duvet cover, usually combined with a bumper to be placed around the bed bars. Or even better the summer or winter sleeping bag always depending on the season, which is used instead of blankets and allows the child to stay always warm despite the movements. Take 2-3 baby bathrobes for the bath. The baby one is "triangle", sleeveless, with only the hood to wrap it better.


Finally them. They are the first thing your baby will need, from the first moment he or she comes home and many times a day, so it's worth having a good supply from the start. It is better to immediately buy the smallest size (2-5 kg), knowing however that after a while it may be necessary to move on to the next size (3-6 kg).

Some practical advice

The temptation to have everything immediately is so great, but better not be caught, because you risk finding yourself too much stuff that then will not be used. And then gifts will come, therefore, dear mothers for some purchases not really indispensable better to wait. Buy a little at a time and choose one more size. But never again, otherwise you risk not being able to use them. Prioritise quality and composition and less aesthetics. Sometimes it is precisely this that deceives.

Lucia Franco

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