The first baths at the sea: how many months can you make the baby

The first baths at the sea: how many months can you make the baby

Infants up to 6 months of age should never be exposed to direct sunlight. In general, the sun has many beneficial effects, first of all to help produce vitamin D, but attention can also be very dangerous for the newborn on the skin. The newborn has, in fact, a very delicate temperature regulation: it suffers the cold and the heat and beyond certain limits the prolonged cold and heat can be very dangerous: it runs the risk of dehydrating.

Let that be clear. It is not dangerous to "take your child to the sea". even if only a few weeks old. The important thing is to have a little common sense that makes you be cautious.

The first sea bath for your baby

The first baby bath at sea is a unique and unrepeatable emotion and there are no contraindications, even if you have to take into account the temperature of the water. Babies are small and feel the cold more, so it is best not to immerse them completely in water but start by making the feet.

Bathing by the sea is not recommended in the first 6 months: until then it is not the case to wet the little one completely, first of all, for the temperature of the water. Even if it is very hot and you feel that the sea is not particularly cold, this may not be the case for a newborn baby.

It is undoubtedly true that your baby is used to being "soaked": he has been in your womb for 40 weeks. The amniotic fluid, however, has an ideal temperature for children in the belly, certainly not comparable to that of the sea. Moreover, even if you are in a corner of paradise, with crystal clear waters the skin of a newborn baby is very delicate and the salt may irritate it.

From 3 months onwards

From 3 months onwards you may simply try to dip your baby's feet and see what effect it has. Usually, some are curious or even amused. Others start crying and trying to dive again may be counterproductive to later attempts.

From 6 months onwards

From 6 months on you can start approaching the sea water, but before you take a bath, sit with your child on the shore and make sure he can observe the small waves and gradually get wet, to understand what really happens. And when you decide to dive, always keep it facing you with your face so that you feel safe. Also, when you are in the water, never forget to cover the head of the little one with a cap and do not stay very long. After a bath at sea it is always advisable to rinse the newborns with fresh water and dry them immediately.

Practical tips

To facilitate contact with water, before taking a dip in the sea, always from 6 months upwards, you can bring a canoe or an inflatable pool to the beach. Fill it with water (not much) when you get to the sea and keep it under the sun, so that it can warm up. It will be a good way to familiarize your child with the water.

Lucia Franco

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