Toxic diapers: all brands and models incriminated

Toxic diapers: all brands and models incriminated

Baby diapers from many brands are contaminated with potentially toxic substances, from glyphosate to dioxin, which are considered to be highly carcinogenic. This is revealed by the analyses carried out by the French consumer magazine '60 Millions de consommateurs', which analysed 12 products, including Pampers, a leading brand in the nappy sector.

The indicted diapers have been:

  1. Pampers active fit
  2. Pampers premium protection
  3. Pampers simply dry
  4. Pampers baby dry
  5. Baby Carrefour
  6. Carrefour Baby Eco Planet
  7. Mots d'enfants (Marque repère / Leclerc)
  8. Mots of eco-friendly enfants (Idem)
  9. Love&Green écologique
  10. Toujours (Lidl)
  11. Naty by nature babycare
  12. Pommette agility dry

What's inside the diapers?

Huge amounts of glyphosate were found inside the baby diapers. The same that in 2015 was classified by the IARC as one of the "likely" carcinogenic substances. But that's not all. Dioxin, pesticides and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) have also been identified together with glyphosate. Despite this, concentrations are below the thresholds laid down in the legislation in force, but this must not, in any case, make us feel too comfortable.

The results of the analyses

Analyses have shown that only two types of diapers are "clean", unlike the others which are toxic and carcinogenic. Among the worst diapers emerge the Pampers Baby Dry and the Carrefour Baby Eco planet.


Only 4 types are considered among the best brands:

Baby Nature - they are available at some pharmacies and on miscappalapipì.it. The materials used are all of natural origin.

Naturaè - is a biodegradable diaper made in Italy. It is made exclusively from natural raw materials such as starches or vegetable oils from renewable resources. The diaper is also certified in accordance with the UNI EN 13432:2002 standard. Diapers can be purchased directly from the official Naturaè site or from the Bimbostore chain.

Vivicot Baby Organic - they are produced by the Italian company Sanicot. They can be purchased directly on sites such as mukako.it and pannolini.it or at Esselunga, COOP, Despar and Risparmio Casa.

Nappynat - are produced with biofibers and biofilm, without phthalates or chemical additives. They have been tested by the University of Padua and can be purchased directly on the website www.nappynat.it.

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