Ministry alert. Homogenized contaminated by aflatoxins

Ministry alert. Homogenized contaminated by aflatoxins

New food alert concerning our children. With a notice on the official website, the Ministry of Health announced to consumers the presence of aflatoxins in the homogenates of a well-known label. Let's see together what are all the details and lots involved in the collection.

The press release is dated 29 March 2019 and published on 11 April. These are homogenized products produced by a German chain, the "Dm drogherie market", whose authorized sales outlets are also present in our country. The brand in question is "Baby love".

Given some research, a very high level of aflatoxins has been found in some homogenates, i.e. mycotoxins produced by fungi which are highly toxic and among the most carcinogenic substances present in nature. The product concerned is not only homogenised but also fruit puree.

The lots in question are:
Fruit puree (apple, strawberry and banana flavours with whole grains) in 90gr packages. These are all lots whose deadlines are 16 October 2020 and 17 October 2020;
"Winterwunder" apple puree and mango with pomegranate juice in 190 gr jar. The lot in question is LA 288 whose expiry date is 15 October 2020;
Preparation of fruit (with apple, strawberry, raspberry and blueberries) in 190g jars. The lot in question is LA 289, which expires on 16 October 2020;
Preparation of fruit (with peach, apple and maracuja) in 190 g jar. The lot in question is LA 289, which expires on 16 October 2020.

The Ministry of Health therefore calls on consumers to carefully check the lots purchased, so as to prevent these foods from being ingested by the smallest and protect them.

Lucia Franco

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