Measures necessary to safeguard the fountain of the newborn baby

Measures necessary to safeguard the fountain of the newborn baby

At birth our baby has very fragile and developing head bones, which is why the baby should always be taken in his arms very carefully, but without fear. In addition, thanks to the presence of flexible and resistant membranes, it is still protected.


The fontanelle, placed on top of the small head of the child, has a width of about 3 cm long and 3 cm wide. In truth, however, our puppy also has 5 other smaller fountains. Specifically, these are spaces between the bones of the cranial box that are not welded and that have the function of not hindering the growth of the brain.

In short, fountains play a fundamental role in the growth of our child, as they give elasticity to the skull box both at birth and during the first year of life. From the 6th month onwards, the fountains begin to close until they are welded in at the 12th month.

The state of the fountain at the top

The state of the fountain at the top of the head may indicate the state of health of our puppy. If it appears "endorsed" it may indicate that the child is dehydrated. This is the case, for example, when the child has a fever or does not eat enough. If, on the other hand, the fontanelle has a "rounded" shape, it may indicate an infection situation. For example, if the child has a fever, it could be a sign of meningitis or, again, be associated with a rare pathology of the skull. In any case, it is advisable to contact your paediatrician to inform him of any anomaly.

Lucia Franco

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