5 curiosity about newborns you did not know

5 curiosity about newborns you did not know

Infants are an inexhaustible source of discovery and curiosity. And even if science provides us with different tools that help us to know in depth the little ones, there are still many aspects that we do not know and that once learned, leave us speechless. Here are 5 unusual curiosities about newborns.

  1. They do not produce any tears in the beginning - usually, babies start crying at around 2 to 3 weeks, but the tears do not appear until about a month of age. In fact, they cry, but moan, because their eyes do not release a drop because the tear conduits are still closed.
  2. They don't have bad breath - A newborn baby will never have bad breath. In fact, without teeth, there is no place for food scraps where bacteria can grow and proliferate.
  3. They can self-explore themselves - A noise, a strong smell, intense light, sudden movement - it takes very little to frighten a newborn baby. Think that they might feel afraid even with their own cries! How do we understand that? It is enough to observe his movements: he is generally frightened of his cries if, after having stretched out his arms to the sides and having opened his hands, he quickly closes on himself, as if to close himself with a hedgehog with his body.
  4. Sneezing cleans the respiratory tract - The newborn sneezes very often. Sometimes it is even thought that it has cooled down. No, unless you also have a fever or other symptoms. The newborn, on the other hand, uses sneezes to clear the airways.
  5. Super developed sense of smell - Since, the sense of sight, is not very developed, the smell, along with the hearing, becomes vital for a newborn baby. Even in the dark, the little one, in fact, would be able to look in the direction in which is the mother!

Lucia Franco

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