Cuddling your newborn gives you a sweeter night's sleep and helps your memory

Cuddling your newborn gives you a sweeter night's sleep and helps your memory

The sleep of the newborn is essentially linked to the growth hormone, somatotropin, which is produced primarily during sleep both during the night and during the day. Therefore, a sweet and peaceful rest, but also lasting, promotes a better physical and mental development of the child.

The importance of baby sleep

Cuddling the newborn improves the quality of his sleep. In fact, this allows him to fall asleep earlier and sweeter, as well as strengthens his memory through the consolidation of memories during sleep. A study carried out in Switzerland also reveals this. But the reason for this remains unclear.

The studio

Scholars have found that lulled infants fall asleep faster and have a longer phase of sleep. Sleep is in a certain direction more regenerating to the point that it helps the development of memory. The strengthening of memory is also consistent with the longer duration of deep sleep, a phase in which the memories of the little ones are consolidated.

It was discovered, moreover, that the effects of the wave movement made in the cradle or in the arms of the mother are mediated by the inner ear that transfers the information of the movement to the brain.

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