White, pink or sky blue, the cover remains the sweetest birth gift

White, pink or sky blue, the cover remains the sweetest birth gift

The dreams of every child in the world play with a cover. White, pink or sky blue, with perforated motifs, braids and a satin bow that finishes it.

The cover can be in light cotton or wool, depending on the season, ready to accompany your child for the many adventures of these first dreams. I mean, a small, small layette for big, big adventures.

The cover and the importance of breathability

The cover is very important for a child. It is used in the wheelchair or to wrap the newborn baby when you take it in your arms. But there's also a cover for the cot. It can in fact be in cotton for the mid-season, while for the winter it is preferable the down jacket with down cover, usually combined with the bumper to be placed around the bars of the bed.

But that's not all. For the health of the newborn it is also advisable that they are breathable and made of natural fibers as well as the cover also the mattress and its sheets. The base of the cradle on which the baby rests must also be breathable. In this way, the wooden staves and the perforated platforms of the wheelchairs allow perfect breathability.

Remember, however, that the cover is something that you will be using for a long time and for this very reason it must be made of natural fibers: from the sudden nap in the stroller to that on the sofa or during a dinner out or even the sea on a windy day, as in the mountains on a cold evening.

Then the first cover you know you never forget. Order now by choosing from our available models. It will be a precious gift.

Lucia Franco

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