Quilt and cover for a perfect night's sleep

Quilt and cover for a perfect night's sleep

The great majority of the children sleep in a rather bizarre way, and it's mum and dad's concern to cover them so that they don't get cold or even sick.
The right cover for a perfect night's sleep therefore meets not only the need to give security to the child, especially in the first months of life, but also comfort, as it should promote a sweet and peaceful sleep and maybe prevent a few too many awakenings, due to cold or heat.
The cradle
The layette for the night is perhaps the most important and delicate because its choice is not made at random or conditioned only by reasons of temperature or comfort, but substantially by reasons of safety, always with the utmost attention to the danger of suffocation (so called cradle death syndrome - SIDS). The cover or quilt should therefore not be too heavy, but rather should allow breathing even if they inadvertently cover the child's face. To protect the newborn baby from the cold, it is better to use good warm pyjamas than to weigh him down with too many blankets.
The pyjamas
For the little ones a whole pyjamas that also covers the feet can be a good choice. But be careful with the choice of material, it must always be 100% natural, because the skin of newborns is very sensitive. It is known, they often tend to develop allergies, which is why you need to choose carefully the fabrics for their clothing. But it's also true that choosing baby clothes during the winter is not easy at all. On the one hand, parents must ensure that their babies are sheltered while going out on cold winter days, and on the other hand, they must not forget that if they cover them too much, they risk sweating and getting sick quickly.
The sleeping bag
A good idea may be to use the special "sleeping bags", which allow the newborn baby not to be discovered and not to catch cold at all. This solution is perfect for a newborn baby as it allows the baby to have completely free legs and arms.
Sleeping bags are also very practical, safe and warm. They are a real pyjamas, closed at the bottom, with braces that allow the baby to stay covered on the shoulders. You can find those in warm fleece and cotton with inner padding. In addition, their padding protects them from temperatures below 20 degrees for a warm and protected sleep.
Under the sleeping bag you can wear the classic onesie, from the leotard to the light cotton or chenille onesie, depending on the period and the temperature of the bedroom. The basic rule to keep in mind is that the newborn must not sweat.
Is the pillow yes or no?
Whether or not to use the pillow is still a much debated issue. The answer is not to use it, even if there are special pillows. These are thin and perforated and thanks to these two essential characteristics are breathable, therefore, perfect and comfortable for the child.
Always remember one thing. After a while the baby has fallen asleep, we always go to check if he is sweating, so that we can see whether or not we have chosen the right blanket.

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