Children forgotten in the car: the first tech seat with sensors arrives

Children forgotten in the car: the first tech seat with sensors arrives

Is there a device that helps parents protect their children in the car? Today it is. Following the tragic deaths of children in cars caused by asphyxia, which have been forgotten by their parents, more and more proposals and research are being made into solutions to ensure that such accidents do not happen again.

Alert triggers directly on smartphone

With Samsung, Chicco has launched the BebèCare system on the market, the seat that uses technology to signal the presence of children in the car and prevent such fatal forgetfulness. BebéCare, this is the name chosen for the device, works thanks to an App to download on your smartphone; once the child is placed on the seat, the sensor is activated by signaling its presence on board through the App. In fact, they are smart seats, equipped with sensors and an App that can alert parents. The main objective is to fight one of the most frequent events: forget about the children on board. The system, therefore, designed in Italy, aims to find a solution, inside and outside the passenger compartment.

But why does a parent forget his or her child in the car?

The reasons are, usually, the haste, the stress that afflict adults of all kinds and social backgrounds in contemporary societies. Children are often forgotten because they are thought to have been left at school, by their grandparents or at home. Therefore, small and very small hours remain in the car with dramatic shrouded consequences. And all this does not happen because you are unwary parents or without hindsight, but because there is a sort of mental blackout (seemingly inexplicable) of which you do not even remember unfortunately.


It is available in two versions, both equipped with sensors that record the presence of small occupants: the Oasys 0 UP is approved according to ECE R44/=4 for the transport of children from birth up to 13 kg, the Oasys i-Size (approved according to i-Size ECE R129) is reserved for children with a height between 40 and 78 cm, up to a maximum weight of 13 kg.

How does BebéCare work?

In both cases, operation is linked to the use of an app to download to the smartphone, which once the child has been placed on the seat, is activated by signaling its presence on board through the integrated sensors. If the smartphone on which you downloaded the app moves away from the car where the child seat is installed, the app sends you an audible and visual alarm that can be muted within 40 seconds. Once the deadline has expired, the alarm switches to the second level, and simultaneously send text messages to the emergency numbers registered in the personal account (maximum 5) with useful information to identify the area where the car and child are located.

The BebéCare sensors have been inserted inside the seats so as not to compromise their safety performance. In short, a real alarm in case the child has remained on board ... and you have inadvertently left the car.

In addition, the BebéCare system allows you to connect the seat to an indeterminate number of smartphones, provided that the app is installed and they are equipped with Bluetooth and are connected to the same Family account (which can be associated up to a maximum of 3 BebéCare seats). In this way, every member of the family can use the control instrument and geolocate the car with the seat on board.

The costs

The first two BebéCare child seats are on sale starting from May with prices ranging from 149 euro for the Oasys 0 to 248 euro for the i-Size, but Chicco is not the first to think about taking advantage of technology to avoid tragedies related to children forgotten in the car.

In short, an innovative and useful idea that can save the lives of many children.

Lucia Franco

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