How to ask for the bonus for the anti-abandonment seats

How to ask for the bonus for the anti-abandonment seats

From February 20, you must register online in order to receive the Anti-Ditching Bonus. You can also request it if you have already bought the car seat in order. So, here's what to do.

How to claim your bonus

The abandonment seat is now an obligation for the transport of children by car. up to 4 years of age. In order to take advantage of the 30 euro bonus, you must register from February 20th on the Sogei IT platform accessible on www.sogei.it or www.mit.gov.it.

The bonus will be paid by issuing a simple electronic shopping voucher worth 30 euros valid for the purchase of an anti abandonment device. Those who have already purchased it will also be entitled to a refund. In the latter case the registration must be made directly on Sogei's website within and no later than 60 days from February 20th, attaching a copy of the proof of expenditure.

Penalties start on 6 March

Given the novelty and above all the initial chaos, the government has decided temporarily to suspend the sanctions until 6 March. Later, however, who will be found without these devices with a minor under four years on board, will be liable to a fine (costing between 50 and 100 euros) and the loss of 5 points on the license.

What are you waiting for? There is still time, therefore, to comply with the law and make your bamboo travel safely.

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