Cameras in kindergartens yes or no?

Cameras in kindergartens yes or no?

The purpose of the cameras is to deter the violent behaviour of some teachers/teachers in kindergarten classrooms. But not everyone agrees on their installation.


The main objective of the surveillance devices is to put an end to the terrifying phenomenon of child abuse, which is increasingly being reported throughout our peninsula.

For or against?

The proposal to introduce surveillance devices in early childhood schools is causing discussions between those who, like the MOIGE (Italian Movement of Parents), have always supported the deterrent effect of this precautionary measure and those who, like some experts in the field of childhood and psychology, do not consider it a good solution to the problem itself.
According to the supporters, however, the cameras are an effective measure to reduce the time of investigations, in the event of abuse or violence of all kinds and degrees. The devices are therefore important for defending the rights of both the youngest and the educators themselves in the event of strange and unclear situations.
Currently the most sceptical are the members of the National Coordination of Children, unlike parents who have even created on the main social channels a support group (almost 50,000 members) along with a special website (sialletelecmere.jimdo.com).

Staff training is important

It is important to make a more rigorous selection of personnel working in the field of children. Not only teachers and educators, but also guardians, janitors and all those who have to do with the world of children. They must therefore be adequately trained, updated and made aware of the need to report any irregularities or failures on the part of employees or colleagues.

Boomerang effect?

Beware of the boomerang effect. Some parents may, in fact, amplify some of their children's reactions and bombard the school with continuous requests for vision. It is therefore important to understand how the law will be tattooed, under what conditions and with what restrictions.

L. F.

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