How to be a Good Dad Today

How to be a Good Dad Today

Being a good dad is certainly one of the most difficult missions that a man can be called to face in the course of his life. He must be present, impose good discipline and behaviour and be in tune with his child's needs without being excessive.

Rules for being a good dad

  • The role of Dad starts from the first days of pregnancy: the greater your involvement during the first months of the child's life, the greater the chances of developing a very strong bond over the years.
  • To be a good dad is to reason with the heart.
  • The good dad must be present (even if physically far away).
  • Being a good dad doesn't mean knowing how to prepare a feeding bottle and get up in the night to give it. It doesn't mean getting up to give a dummy a new life, knowing how to stay with your child for an hour while "your mother relaxes", cooking a baby girl, giving her, knowing the name of the paediatrician, remembering a deadline. All this, these vital things, do not make a man a good dad. They make a dad and that's it. The father-son bond is, instead, that relationship to cultivate through daily confrontation, step by step, which will evolve by itself according to the choices you will make. And the knowledge that you may be wrong is the only tool that will allow you to understand your mistakes, so that you can correct them before it is too late.
  • To be a good dad you don't have to be excessively permissive, nor inflexibly intransigent. Always remember that a child, before being a right, is a responsibility.
  • To be a good dad it is important to know how to play with your child. Therefore it is essential to find the time and rediscover the child that is in you.
  • Eliminate pathological perfectionism. Many dads are led to see their child as the best of all, and in some ways it's natural that it is, but you can never expect exactly what you expect from him.
  • To be a good dad always remember that your child is a sentient and thinking person, a person like you, who will be called to live his or her life independently when he or she is able. Your task in the meantime is to ensure that the diamond can shine to the best of its ability in the future, but without stifling its natural inclinations.
  • The good father is the one who is "human". Being human means not only knowing how to communicate and respect who one is facing, but also becoming aware that one is not infallible. Recognizing one's mistakes, being able to apologize, or admitting that someone else is right, is one of the most beautiful teachings one can give a child.

But remember one thing. You don't need a manual to be a good dad: everyone, following their own characteristics, can overcome conflicts and free themselves from doubts and uncertainties, keeping in mind the well-being of their little one.

Lucia Franco

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