The biorhythms of the newborn

The biorhythms of the newborn

The holiday is a moment of relaxation for all, parents and infants, but at the same time very delicate, as it tends to upset rhythms and habits. We therefore need a ready-to-use manual to deal with the summer upheavals in the best possible way.

Let's start by saying that things must be done gradually. We respect the space of the child and respect his frequent lullabies, but useful for recharging. For example, mid-day nap is holy for most young children because it avoids their nervousness and makes them more available to others. For this reason it must be respected even when you are on holiday.

In summer, the nap coincides, moreover, with the hottest hours, perfect time to stay at home or at least away from the sun and the hot breeze. Even for evening sleep, it is essential to try to protect daily habits. As far as possible, we respect the times to which he is accustomed and sing the same lullabies at home: this ensures the baby a continuous and reassuring serenity and helps him to fall asleep quietly.

Things to bring on holiday

If your child has a soft toy that he or she loves, it is important that he or she can take it with them on holiday. It represents a security as well as a link to his home.

Things to avoid on holiday

It depends on the type of holiday. If you are travelling with several stages and maybe even outside the country to avoid is definitely the weaning. Too many changes could, in fact, destabilise it. On the contrary, if the holiday lasts longer (a couple of weeks) and the place is mostly quiet and offers the same comforts of home then you can make some small changes. It's up to you to understand that.

Lucia Franco

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