How to choose a baby sitter for babies?

How to choose a baby sitter for babies?

Entrusting your child into the hands of someone else who is not us is a dramatic moment. Separation can, in fact, give rise to extreme anxieties and the constant fear that the child will feel the lack of your pampering. To live with serenity the first separations from your baby, always choose a reliable person and with the utmost care. Start by leaving him a few hours while you're at home. It's the best way to figure out if you've chosen the right person for your child.

The second step is to leave the house and leave the babysitter even just an hour with the child. This way you'll gradually get used to staying away from the little one. If you are still breast-feeding, however, wait until breast-feeding is well underway before leaving at the time of feeding.

The perfect babysitter

First of all, a good babysitter must be careful, patient and sweet to the baby. But that's not enough. He must also have some experience. Experience is essential when dealing with newborns. She is, in fact, first and foremost a mother capable of recognizing the reason for the child's desperate crying or of preventing any potential danger. Age is also important. Better a person not too young or a newcomer. To care for a newborn baby you need experience and intuition, as well as security in handling small complications.

Very important is the preparation on safety. A good baby sitter must have followed a paediatric first aid course in order to learn about the unblocking maneuvers for newborns. She must also be a good observer. The little ones must be understood by a look or a gesture or crying.

Communication should not be underestimated. The babysitter has to communicate everything the baby does, if he has slept, if he has eaten and how much he has eaten. All this information is essential for a better understanding of the child's behaviour. In addition to the baby sitter, the baby sitter often plays an important role in weaning the baby with the introduction of new foods into his or her diet.

Also, remember that every time the baby sitter takes the baby to the paediatrician, have him write down in a notebook all the instructions for medicines and the most important things.

A good sitter needs to be able to play with the baby and make him laugh. It has to be organized with work and schedules. Food must be ready when the newborn is hungry, the cot ready if he is sleepy.

Be careful, however, a good babysitter should not be a smoker as infants are particularly sensitive to odors.

So what to ask for at the first interview?

You have to start with some very specific questions.

Do you have experience with children?

How do you plan your day with your newborn baby?

Are you patient with children?

Are you careful?

Do you love children?

How does the baby calm down if he keeps crying?

And if he doesn't stop crying, how does he behave?

What could be the potential dangers to the newborn in this room?

Beyond the questions, it is essential to see the potential babysitter in action; that is, how he takes the baby in his arms, the tone he uses with him and the security in doing things. However, attention must be paid to hygiene. You don't have to have long nails, use strong scents and have too many rings.

How much to pay?

Surely in order to establish a fair wage one has to consider his experience, training and the type of contract. If you are a baby sitter on call, you can pay for it with the "Family Booklet". Otherwise, the babysitter who stays with the child every day is a family carer and as such should be framed with the CS level of the National Collective Agreement on Domestic Work.

Lucia Franco

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