Practical tips for unforgettable photos of newborn babies

Practical tips for unforgettable photos of newborn babies

When a child is born it is always a great joy and a celebration for everyone: not only for new parents, but also for new grandparents, relatives and friends! And everyone, but everyone, would like to know how to photograph a newborn baby in an original way to have a unique memory.

We know, however, that taking a picture of a newborn is not as easy as you might think. Want to know how to make the most of your little one? Here are some suggestions!

The new mother must always be present

When you take pictures of a newborn baby, his or her mother should always be present and as close to him or her as possible. Usually a small child spends most of his or her time sleeping, but when taken to a new environment, or feeling the focus of attention, he or she may get nervous and start crying. If, on the other hand, his mother breastfeeds him a little before starting to take pictures, in the same place where the shots will be set, he will feel soothed and at ease.

Be patient

Being able to take a photograph as we would like it to take time and a lot of patience. Putting a baby in a hurry is not possible, just as it makes no sense to arrange the pose itself. Wait for the newborn to settle in on its own and capture the best moments.

Choose the right time

The ideal time for the first auteur shots is when children have 10-12 days of life. The little one has still preserved the fetal position. The right time to take a picture of it is when it is more quiet, so after a nap and feeding. Normally, in the hour following sleep or food, the newborn will be quieter, much more likely to smile and therefore an excellent photographic subject. Likewise, the baby just waking up in the morning is much more active and well-disposed.

The baby in the cradle

The best background to use when taking pictures of a newborn is the cradle of the baby. Remaining in the cradle, he will sleep quietly, without being disturbed by the external environment: in fact he has to do nothing but rest and stand still, and you will be the one to move around him.

Focus on the eyes

If you use your smartphone, it's important to focus on your child's eyes. The blurred effect around you is achieved by approaching, with the integrated camera, a few inches from the small. In this way you will create an extraordinary "bouquet" effect.

Exclude interfering elements

The easiest solution is to narrow down the frame on the face or details. The focus must be on the little one. Its skin has a neutral colour: therefore, exclude all coloured and decorative elements, while favouring neutral colours (brown, grey, white and black).

Baby nude

If you decide to take pictures of your naked baby, remember that these shots are the last you need to take. The little one, in fact, should not remain uncovered for too long.

Pay attention to light

The flash should be removed as it can damage your child's eyesight. Always use natural light and turn off the lights at home. The ideal is to take advantage of a window and make sure that the light hits the child on the forehead and not from below. Also exclude direct sunlight.

Create the right atmosphere

Creating the right atmosphere to photograph a newborn baby is essential, so that the final result corresponds to expectations, and so that the children involved in the shot are not annoyed and are able to give the best of themselves.

Get their attention

If the baby does not sleep, let him or her interact spontaneously. Look for an "accomplice" to distract him as you take photos.

catch your eye

It is very nice to take a snapshot of the direct dialogue when the child looks at the room, but to take an exchange of glances between the child and, for example, the mother returns a different emotion.

Focus on feet

Nothing transmits more tenderness and protection than the tiny fingers of a newborn's feet. Close-up photography is a safe way to get a perfect souvenir photo!

Lucia Franco

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