When is the color of our baby's eyes final?

When is the color of our baby's eyes final?

Will our baby's eyes be blue? Will they be green like Grandma's eyes or dark like Grandpa's? Or even brown like Mom and Dad's? Difficult to establish, especially during the first days of life of the cub, when the iris is still grey-blue.

More precisely, the colour of the eyes is a hereditary characteristic, conditioned by the amount of melanin present in the iris, and is predetermined from before the baby is born. Moreover, when a baby is born in the first few days, it usually has a vitreous look to the point of not being able to distinguish its pupil.

It is rather certain, however, that after a month from its birth, if the child has very dark eyes in all probability these will be brown, while if they appear light there is a strong chance that they are blue or green.

In truth, the eyes change continuously until the 12th month, that is when the iris will reveal its real and definitive color.

The colour of the eyes

  • If you have blue eyes it is possible that your child will inherit the clear eyes (blue or green in this case). But be careful, the color depends in this case also on the grandparents (ie 18.75% for the color green, and 6.25% for the color blue).
  • If you have dark eyes it is possible that the child will inherit the dark eyes (e.g. brown).
  • If one parent has clear eyes and the other has brown eyes, the child has a 50% chance of inheriting clear eyes, but it also depends on the grandparents.
  • If grandparents have both eyes clear, the child is likely to inherit their eye colour.

Of course, remember that all combinations are possible. The child may have light eyes from parents (both) with dark eyes, as well as having a different eye (usually one blue and the other champagne yellow or brown. That's the case with heterochromia. The reason is to be attributed to the different amount of melanin present in the two eyes).

As for the grey or cerulean eyes, however, they are destined to change. In fact, only around the age of 2 or 3 years of life of the child you will be able to understand the final color. Finally, let us not forget that eyes can also be iridescent. How do you know? Always at about 3 or 4 years of age of the child.

Lucia Franco

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