5 important things to know when a child arrives

5 important things to know when a child arrives

The first days of the newborn's life are the most delicate. Immediately after childbirth, new mothers become rather anxious, asking themselves a thousand questions about how they will behave with the baby. What do you do if you cry? And if you don't sleep, here are 5 tips to help you live your motherhood more peacefully.

1.As soon as born the baby is usually a little funny

The child is not born as perfect as is often seen in movies. The "real" newborn can be, in fact, purplish, with the head a little squashed due to the passage in the birth canal, with the face swollen and the eyes closed. Remember that she has spent the last few months in her womb, after all.

2.Will not laugh immediately

It is very difficult to see the child smile in the first days, and this, in moments of tiredness, will make us think we have no reward for our physical and emotional efforts. Quiet, your child will feel your joy and pampering perfectly.

No to the bath

Until the umbilical cord is detached, usually within the first two weeks, no wetting but only sponges.

4.Stop the dry skin

The newborn baby may have dry, rough or even cracked skin. Just take care of him with a special lotion or oil and the problem will disappear within a few days.

5.Stop the pimples

Often this is only an aesthetic problem and pediatricians advise you not to do anything, except to apply some cream, and wait for it to pass.

Lucia Franco

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